Le Cure 2019

Sponsor Helen Waller

About Helen

Helen is taking part in Le Cure 2019 which is raising funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

"As an amateur cyclist who knows the pain of (slowly) getting to the top of just the one col in a day, I can safely say that topping three mountains a day, four days in a row is no mean feat and one that makes me more than a little nervous. Whether my weedy legs can get me to the end is one question, but whether I can manage to do that without forgetting I've got my feet clipped in, falling over and breaking my bike or breaking myself is another.

Don't sponsor me for the uphills, I'll (sort of...hopefully) enjoy those. Sponsor me for the hairpin descents that scare the hell out of me. Most of all, though, please sponsor me for the incredible, groundbreaking work that the team at the Marsden are doing. As the big brains of research science are rapidly discovering, breast cancer isn't just a cruel, invidious disease, it's also a mightily complicated one with more variations and nasty tricks up its sleeve than we'd thought. Every penny that you donate will directly go to fund the research - Le Cure is run entirely by volunteers. This really is a case where knowledge is power. So please help fund the search for knowledge so that we can empower medicine to enhance the chances, possibilities, and experiences for those who find themselves up against the big C.

Cliché it may be, but every penny counts."

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