Le Cure 2017

Sponsor Ben Holden

About Ben

Ben is taking part in Le Cure 2017 which is raising funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

"Six years ago, I took on a pretty big challenge and cycled the length of the UK (1,000+miles) with 2 family members, in memory of our brother-in-law, Marcello. Through the support of family and friends, we raised money for a kidney patient charity chosen by Marcello and my sister-in-law, Jacqui.

In the time that has passed I have most definitely caught the cycling bug. I've been lucky enough to enjoy many adventures on my bike and this has certainly helped keep me sane. I’m now hoping to raise funds for another important charity.

My sister-in-law (Debbie – Curista!) has inspired me to join Le Cure. Last year we learned that one of the trials funded by Le Cure was not only published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the top international clinical cancer journal, but as a Rapid Communication which is unusual and happens only if the trial is deemed to be of very high importance. This was fantastic news and a very welcome endorsement that the team are already impacting on the management of breast cancer globally. The fund raising so far has enabled the establishment of three 'Le Cure' breast cancer research fellowships, the latest of which hopes to identify who will or will not benefit from post-operative chemotherapy which means that some patients could potentially avoid chemotherapy and the toxicities involved - until now the technology and technique has not been available to test for this and it would be truly amazing if Le Cure facilitated the creation of such a test and thereby changed clinical practice globally.
So as the 2017 Tour de France enters its final stages, I start 6 weeks of training to get ready to climb 9 Alpine mountains over 4 days – the equivalent of climbing Everest 1.25x!!. Of course there'll be a little pain and personal suffering but far more importantly we'll be highlighting the fight against cancer and the need for funding. With every penny going to cancer research, the funds from Le Cure are not a nice-to-have, our donations are a necessity to keep the research going to find a cure! Your support will help push me up the climbs and guide me safely down the descents!!"

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