Trinity Triathlon 2018

Before you Enter

Please note: The ages of the participants refers to their age on the 31.12.18. Triathlon England regulations state that the ages are set at December 31st in the year in which the event takes place. 

With regards to your swim time is used to generate start positions and so it is vital, in fairness to all competitors, that a best estimate is given. Once submitted this time cannot subsequently be changed. 

Aerobars are not allowed in the Tristart, Tristar 1, Tristar 2 categories.

Aerobars are allowed in Tristar 3, Youth, and Junior categories.

Individual Entries

Junior (17 to 19)
300m swim - 12km cycle - 2900m run


Youth (15 to 16)
300m swim - 10km cycle - 2500m run


Tristar 3 (13 to 14)
250m swim - 8km cycle - 2100m run


Tristar 2 (11 to 12)
200m swim - 6km cycle - 1700m run


Tristar 1 (9 to 10)
150m swim - 4km cycle - 900m run


Tristart (5 to 8)
50m swim - 1.1km cycle - 500m run. Under 8s are accepted if competent at given distances. Contact the organiser if unsure



The Trinity Triathlon was nationally recognised by Triathlon England as ‘Children’s Event of the Year’ in 2016. The event has also been awarded ‘London Region’s Children’s Event of the Year’ for the third consecutive year in 2017.

It is a non-profit making Triathlon, now in it's eighth year it was set up by the school to create our very own Olympic legacy event.

For further information about the event please see our website, 

Please note entries will close on Friday 1st June 2018. 

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